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Welcome to the Estate, a universe of strange powers, many realms and devastating wars. Within the Estate sits the strange concoction of architecture and modern art called Evergrove Academy, where generally troubled and disquietingly warlike people congregate to become soldiers and, hopefully, learn what it means to be human. Of course, that's a bit difficult, seeing as there's seldom a human on Evergrove property, but they'll try their hardest with minimal complaining. Meet Wrath, a team of cynical but hopefully battle-ready warriors: a girl with advanced skills in reading people but next to zero in actually dealing with them; a heroic and compassionate boy with a propensity for, well, bottling things up (including half of his personality); a beastly -- literally -- boy who intends to slack off as much as possible; a human warrior who won't let her lack of emotions get in the way of her goals; a shy kid with a power he doesn't know how to wield who's trying his hardest not to kill any more people; an enigma who never stops reading and rarely starts talking; a kindhearted man with rage issues and a broadsword he probably shouldn't be allowed to wield; a woman with a love for baking and espionage; an inventor with a penchant for cigarettes and vegetarianism; a flunkey weaponsmith who can't be kept away from her friends, her smithy, or her lipstick; and a possible demigod who collects coaster magazines. Somewhat united, they travel the realms of the Estate, fighting numerous battles and making many enemies along the way as they learn the true extent -- and consequence -- of the powerful abilities that they possess.

Books Edit

  1. Combatant -
  2. Arbiter -

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